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In love with my @gstarraw_official x @adonmagazine September cover!!!! Can’t wait for our NYFW event…countdown begins πŸ’₯πŸ’₯#rawfortheoceans

The day @itsalisonvalentine taught me how to play tennis 🎾 soundtrack “Our Little Secret” via @voguemagazine today!! Can’t wait for the video #lovethefree

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Anonymous asked:
how did you get into music

It was all an accident….

Sometimes life works that way.


ovox-men asked:
so you live in ny, right? I'm thinking about going there for college, nyu or barnard. and it'd be super fly if you were my dj mentor, if you still live there next year that is. so...what do you think? (not like this is coercion or anything but i did make those fancy gifs of your vines)

I am not sure where I will be but I think you should try the move!

There are some great DJ schools too! Check them out: Scratch Academy and Dubstep.


Anonymous asked:
You're really beautiful. You favor miss Jack Davey from the group J*Davey.



jarellk asked:
Hey sis please let me know of any upcoming events I would like to share my music with you please check my blog for my latest track calked conscious

Fa sho’


Hey Kitty Kash, My name is jamil Rashad aka Boulevards. Artist's from north carolina but living in brooklyn. I have a new jawn out on my soundcloud you surely dig. I also worked with jessica lehrman on a visual. I believe you know her. But the links are on my tumblr. I tried to hit contact you vial to share my body of work with you but bounced back. I hope to talk to you soon.

I’ll check it out :-)


I just wanted to say that I think it's called Like the Free ... (sorry) this is the first time I've heard music so beautiful as this ... thank you for the privilege .. bless :)

Thank you! #lovethefree